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Hemanta Timsina   

A Dream That has

Been Cooking for Years

For the latecomer, the story starts here...

My name is Hemanta Timsina and food is my story. As a young boy (Yuva), I was never interested in books and rarely studied. When I turned 18,  I decided that I wanted to be a chef.   My friends and relatives made fun of me when I expressed my desire to be a chef, but I hung tight on my decision. I joined the culinary school in India and continued my school in Austria. I arrived in New York in 2010 for a family visit and was very impressed by how much people liked the authentic Nepalese and Indian food & culture around it.


After being​ a Corporate Dining Asian chef at Oracle - California, presently Chef in Cerner World Headquarter, Kansas City. I was longing to open my own concept. Finally, With the help of my Wife Sara(Culinary Expertise), My talks with my friends and my frustrations out of my career processed a proposal to a new adventure. And here comes the "Yuva Eats"!


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